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    Spectacular stuff. I certainly don't envy you trying to make this subject matter interesting, it must be difficult getting interesting angles. I spent a long time guessing where you filmed from, and my final guess is the tower?

    The shot at 2.58 was intriguing, was this a crazy shutter speed experiment to get that effect?

    As a film, it started to drag a little, and an intro and some ground shots would have been nice.

    Shame also about the cloud cover, some blue sky would probably have helped?

    Otherwise, I have no complaints watching this, thanks.

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    The scenes appear very dark. I am not sure there is any 100% white anywhere. Is this a result of the camera's auto system being confused by the sky light? Would it be possible to adjust this in post?

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    I think you did a great job capturing these images. I also thought you put it together quite well, apart from a few jump cuts like the one at at 0:15.

    I know it's not easy to follow aircraft like this and think you did a good job. I've notice when the TV guys do this sort of thing they usually keep wider shots to help them keep the plane in the shot. As TimA has said some parts could do to be a little lighter in places. If I was putting this together I would have brought the jet in sooner and taken a minute of the whole thing.

    The only place I felt a bit cheated was at the end when it just ended without some sort of ending shot like a plane landing. It may have been nice to see so audience reaction shots to and cut aways to help break up the piece and establish the location.

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