Hello all, I have basically no knowledge concerning video editing, so may be I will post a very silly question. However, I do not know how to solve the problem I have and hope to get some help. First of all I beg your pardon for my English writing: I am Italian.

I work on a MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion.

I need to produce a DVD containing 'screen recordings', which I have already acquired using QuickTime Pro that comes with the OS.

The recordings are not exactly equal in size. For example, one video is 698x466, another one is 696x464, a third one is 694x464: the screen area is selected by hand. They are saved the native .mov format used by QuickTime.

I create the DVDs using the application DVD Styler (freeware). The DVD runs fine, all the chapters work well, but the videos are cropped by the TV. The TV is a Sharp Aquos (I do not have any other technical detail) with a 16:9 screen (I think - it is not 4:3 for sure).

Basically, when I watch a screen recording encoded in the DVD, many pixels along the border are missing. Since in the missing pixels there are at least two characters of a text that I need to display, the cropping is quite annoying.

I tried and modify the settings of the DVD player and of the TVT (4:3, 16:9, LetterBox, etc.) but the cropping is always there. For example, when the video is shown at a 4:3 ratio (with a large black padding), the pixels are still cropped out. The DVD is ok when I inspect it on my computer.

So I came here with the hope of getting some help on what I need to do in order to see on the TV screen the full screen area I stored in the screen recordings.

Is there any way I can pad the original recordings so that the TV will crop out the added padding instead of the useful pixels? Are there other solutions?