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    Default My very first Project: NYC + DSLR =

    Hey Guys,

    im a young dude from germany and just new to the forum.

    For over 3 years now, i just was fiddeling/trying/learning/fumbling at my Filming- and Editingskills,... but without any showable results, because i never brought my projects to an end. Anyway,... in march i traveled with my DSLR (and my girlfriend) to New York, and i loved it. Now home again, i tried to cut a video that "carries" the vibe that i felt in those streets. And i swore to myself, to finish this video for the first time. I spent a lot of time with color grading and matching the scenes and now i just want to know if it was worth the effort.

    Because every german person likes New York, they will alway say, that the video is good,... so i just want some opinion from people of foreign countries.

    Feel free to leave some criticism, so here we go:

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    I think you've made a good job with this. Both the audio and visuals/grading match together well and help to communicate the feel or "vibe" of New York. I noticed some nice touches in the cutting for example at 1:11 going from the on-board car shot where you are just about to turn a corner cuts to an exterior shot of a car turning a corner. I also thought the speeding taxi with added sound was funny and a nice touch.

    Well done, I enjoyed this piece.

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    I have mixed feelings about this piece. I liked the grading and many of the images. I thought the editing was excellent in the main.
    However, there were many shots which I thought were not up to the standard of the rest. In particular I didn't like the shots which were tilted and had sideway camera movement.
    I did not care for (or maybe I simply didb't understand the significance of) the final shots - after lots of quick paced editing we had two lengthy shots of someone delivering a pigs carcase complete with wind noise. If this was meant to send a message, I'm afraid it was lost on me.

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    Thanks for your assessment MBP!

    Tim, i can comprehend your doubts and i agree, not all shots have the same "quality".
    I just personally liked those "pig-shots", and i wanted to put them somewere into the clip, but because they dont fit in it that good, i decided to take them as an outro. The Audio of these last clips were unfortunately just recorded with the camera intern mic.

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