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Thread: HELLO !!!! .............HELP !!!

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    Default HELLO !!!! .............HELP !!!

    hello !!!
    plz i only want to know how to insert an image to a video !!

    plz contact me !!!

    thx ppl !!

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    errmmm.. if you want help, you'll get it via the board. If everyone communicated via email, the board would fall apart.

    I'll remove your email address from your post, because you WILL get spammed to hell. I know that Gmail's ok spamwise, but it's silly to post your email address in unobfuscated form in public.

    But yeah, give some more info here on what software you have, and what EXACTLY you're trying to do, and someone will help you.
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    Mart - come on! You have to give us more info than that! Jeez....


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