i have sony dvd architect 3
i have 20 videos that are all about 5 to 6 minutes, a little less than 2 hours, i have my menu setup, but i cant get my videos into the program right i guess ... ive been up for a few days working on this and i need to finish it today, someone please help, my videos are all rendered in dvd ntsc, architect dvd ntsc video stream, and architect 24p dvd video stream, i didnt know which i would need so i went ahead and did em all ..

at thetop left it says menu (page 1) and under i have 4 broken links, one where i want to be able to click on that button and put 20 different text titles on the screen where people can click on what they want to see, and then be returned to that screen after the video is played(basically a chapter selection menu), and a main menu button so they can get back , the second brokin like .. or button that i cant figure out how to get to its page ... is liek what i want to be a play all button .. or play movie button and i want it to just play all 20 videos in order, 3rd button i want to just type up some simple contact information or make it in photoshop and load it ... one page also with a main menu button, and the 4th button , an extras button ... where i want people to be able to click on like 3 or 4 very very short videos ... and i want to make a button on that page which leads to another page with about 15 text titles of songs ... i want to have a cd on the dvd if possible ...total footage is under 2 hours tho ... i dont want this to play from the play all on the main menu tho ... someone help ... ive been reading and im kinda braindead ... thanx