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Thread: Problems I need help with....Please Read

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    Default Problems I need help with....Please Read

    Okay here's what I did. My friend captured his video using a FireWire port directly from his video camera, saved it to 2 700mb discs then gave it to me to edit. I put to movies on my computer and let them sit for a couple months.
    Anyway, he then gave me more shit to capture that he couldn't namely VCR tapes. I captured those using Dazzle 150 and they seemd to play perfectly on my computer. I mean there was no skipping what-so-ever even in the parts of extreme blackness.
    So I put all the crap he wanted me to together and attempted to save it to a DVD and it saved with no problems...after I watched it I found that during parts of "extreme" blackness (Black is on the majority of the screen) the audio skips a bit. It is like it is having a case of the hiccups.

    I got:
    640 mb RAM
    More than enough Hard Disk Space
    16x external DVD burner-I connect it using a USB 2.0 cable
    I did not defrag my computer before saving...I guess I should do that.

    I posted this in the Pinnacle section but I thought it might fit better here since I'm having problems authoring a DVD.

    Thanks in advance....
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