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Thread: fastest convertor xvid to dvd

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    Default fastest convertor xvid to dvd

    I have some avis compressed with xvid and I want to convert them to dvd.Then to burn them for using with my home dvd player.
    When I load the file with nero converter it show me that the result will be after 19 days.
    Then I try with Super DVD Creator 5.05, but it show me - 24 hours.
    Please help me. I need convertor which can convert an avi 600mb file compressed with xvid to dvd file for 2 or 3 hours maximum. My pc is p3/800 ghz/256 sdram.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    With your system specs, I doubt very much that you'll be able to convert to MPEG2 in that time with any encoder.

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    I have to agree with Marc. 800MHz won't quite cut the mustard to decode XviD and then re-encode to MPEG2 at DVD quality (also called transcoding).

    I made some conversions the other way around once, on a PII 350MHz. It was painfully slow, took about 18 hours at reduced resolution. Going the other way, even on a better computer, is going to take about a whole 24 hour day for sure.

    You'd get close to real time on this even with a brand new config today, but it might still be as much as 4-5 hours to encode a whole film to MPEG-2 from an XviD source. That's a rough guess, too!



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