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Thread: Exposure, daylight and room lighting.

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    Hi all,

    I've been messing around with exposure, particularly inside shots just to test things out. When I'm inside and there is a window in the shot with daylighht coming through I usually have to set the exposure quite low to keep the daylight from becoming glaring but obviously this darkens the room.

    Is it common in these situations to have the exposure quite low (Or just as low to kill the glare) and then brighten the room with a lighting system?

    I don't have a lighting kit yet although it's on the list but it's just something I'm curious about at the moment.


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    Yes. Exactly that.

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    Great, thanks all!

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    You can't buck physics - if your room is dark then a daylight window will be many times too bright. . . . . . Why must you include it? . . . For filming interiors they will provide enough light for the action and the window is either "fake" (lit from outside similar light so it's balanced) - or fitted with filter-gels (expensive) dark muslin (cheaper) . . . but it's far eaier to move the camera so the light is behind you - that way the nuclear-powered sun is working FOR you. . . . . can you explain the room set-up, perhaps?

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