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Thread: need help layering images

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    Default need help layering images

    okk so the problem i'm having i make movies in video games and limited in amount of actors available in screen, So to compensate ive been that i could take footage from the same location only with the actors moved too different postions thenn layer the 2 moving images ontop off one another to create the effect of 32 soldiers instead of the limit of 16.

    iff anyone could point me to a decent tut or even justt tell me what effect i'm actually looking for that would be great

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    Firstly you'd have to ensure that the "camera" angle was exactly the same in all shots. The easiest way to do what you propose is to divide the screen into thirds. Create one take where all your "actors" are in the first third, the next where they are in the middle, and the last where thet are in the final third.

    Then in your editing application place the first take in track one, the second in track two and the third in three. Finally, use your crop tool to crop the video tracks so that only the first third shows in the first etc etc.

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