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Thread: To stripe or not to stripe

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    Default To stripe or not to stripe

    Ages ago I was advised we should stick time code on a blank tape. Then I remember reading emphatic advice not to do this, by a different panel of experts.

    Well, Iíve never bothered, and never had any trouble capturing. Today, though, when capturing the final clip on a tape, it jumped to zeroes just as I was setting the Ďoutí point.

    Not a problem, just a niggle having to rewind and set in & out points again. First time itís happened. Does anyone follow this ritual? Any strong views out there?

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    I don't "stripe". Sounds to me like it's more hassle than it's worth.

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    Well, if you intend to batch capture you need a continuous timecode. Striping the tape will guarantee this of course. When I picked up on this hobby (early 2004) I started reading DVME. They advocated striping the tapes and I simply took that advice and got intothe habit of it.

    Personally, I don't believe it's either a good or bad thing. It's somethign I've done historically but the more I stick witht eh hobby the less I'm doing it nowadays.

    If you think the added safety net is a good thing to ensure continuous timecode for batch capture is a good thing then do it. It's neither right nor wrong.

    just my 2p

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    Input much appreciated, thanks. Less effort sounds like the better route.

    Last time I batch-captured, Premiere went belly-up, so I got into the manual habit. Trying out Scenalyzer in the next couple of days.

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    Totally pointless, this stems from analogue days. DV writes timecode as you shoot and as long as you don't break it i.e. take the tape out and put it back in without backing up a touch, you will be fine.

    There are more reasons not to stripe, than to.

    One good reason is that you are simply turning your new tape into a used one, would you buy a used tape off eBay?
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