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Thread: Encoded from AVI to DVD, works on PC but not on DVD Player?

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    Default Encoded from AVI to DVD, works on PC but not on DVD Player?

    A friend of mine is having problem encoding avi file to DVD disc.
    It works fine on his PC but on his DVD player the PQ looks like crap.
    Can someone advise what he's doing is wrong?

    The below is the full text of his mail.

    "...I really need your help !! I made a test DVD today and it works great in my PC but when I view it on the DVD player connected to my TV Via S-Video I get an awful blur effect when items come close to the screen. I did Shutokou Battle 2 and Space Channel 5 pt2. On S-Battle the cars all blur when they get close to the screen. The same goes for Ulala on Space Channel 5 pt2. It's as if there's a frame problem but it works fine on my PC (I use a TFT monitor if that has anything to do with it.) Do you know why this happens?

    This is how I encoded the videos.

    The FLASH stuff is encoded to YUV video (Won't work well with any other codec) then converted to MPEG 2 6mbps.

    The game footage is encoded in to MPEG 2 6mbps then edited on Virtual Dub MOD then saved as a HuffYuv AVI (Virtual Dub won't save as MPEG). Then the avi is converted back to MPEG 2 with no picture loss.

    Next all the files are compiled together as one big MPEG2 file then burned to DVD using Nero Vision Express 3.

    Like I said the image is perfect on the PC but cack on the TV. Looks like piss poor PlayStation high resolution. You know, everything looks like it's flickering

    Can you help me out with this problem?..."


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    If the actual DVD itself plays on the PC fine, it could be a number of things. the most likely 2 factors here are the DVD player and/or the DVDs.

    Try playing the DVD on another player (don't suppose it's a sony player he's trying ti on is it?)
    or try using a different brand of media. Give the Ritek G04 dye discs a go.

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    thanks for your answer Mike and thank you for posting the request for me dj898. I'm the person who's having the problems. i DVD player I'm playing the discs on is a Samsung from about 3 years back. I doubt it's the DVD media I'm using since I tried two types plus DVD+r and DVD-R also they probably wouldn't play back in the PC either if the discs were poor. I'm wondering if it's an interlacing problem. Because if I play the DVD back in slow motion on the DVD player then it looks fine. Even still images look fine but set it to run at standard speed and all hell breaks loose. I'm working in NTSC by the way if that's any help.


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