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    Hey all,

    I've got my video footage at 720 x 576 and I want to add a small clip which is at 352x240 resolution. I'm using Pinnacle 8se. Can you tell me how I would marry these two together? I tried it with the way it was, but when it played on the DVD, the lower resolution footage seemed to "overlap" the sound of the first bit of my higher resolution footage and then continued as normal..on the computer it runs ok..


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    If you convert the smaller resolution clip up to larger resolution before editing this might help counter any strangeness in the playback on standalone DVD. The differences in the clips might be more than just resolution: so I can't give you more specific advice other than have them both at the same resolution (720x576) and the same type of encoding before editing them together for best results. This means same audio encoding too.

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