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Thread: How do you do this effect...?

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    Default How do you do this effect...?

    How do you do an effect that the actor has no eyes?

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    Can you be more specific? No eyes like a black hall? If it's the case, you can create a black matte (with the same size and shape as the eyes) and then apply a track matte key to your video footage.
    Learn more about track matte at this post

    This post refers to a zooming circle. You just have to make 2 black eyes instead, and follow the others steps.

    I hope i was clearly enough and helpful!

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    I am meaning like no eyes.......but it is like hollow in the back....can you explain more i am kind of new to this

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    hmm that sort of thing would require a lot of work using maybe a 3d package and photoshop shop i don't think theres a standard effect for it so you're going to be stuck doing it manually most likely
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    I'm still not entirely sure what you mean; there really isn't enough info. Is itr an effect that you've seen elsewhere? At a guess though, like skratakh says, it's probably not something that you're going to be able to do in a standard video editing package - you'd need some sort of 3d program.

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    Do u mean like johnny depps character in Once upon a time in mexico?

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    I would be happy to colaborate with you on the 3D aspect.

    I'm thinking the combination of chroma-key (painted eye sockets) and 3D textured models of the socket interior.

    I use freeware for 3D animation known as Blender and making photo-realistic empty eye-sockets or even the interior of the head would be very simple. I'd love to learn how to put the two together.

    Let me know if you can use my help. It's free.

    Email me offline at for further dialog.

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    are you looking for something like in Teminator where Arnie shot that guy in the eye and you could see though it? that was a pretty good effect.

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    i think i might get what u want to replace the eyes of the person?? if so cut up some GREEN orBlue paper ito ey shapes and edit them out

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