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    how would i be able to have 2 clips playing at once. for example....i have my camera on a tripod and i taped my face on the left side for one shoot and the right side on another shoot. i clipped the 2 files so i have my face on both side but now what i want to do is add these clkips to my timeline and have them play at the same time. my face on the left and right side at the same time. just run me through what to do...someone said i may need after effects in work today...

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    1) Place clip 1 on video track 1
    2) Place clip 2 on video track 2
    3) Click on clip 1 in the timeline and go to the effects controls. Expand motion. Set the scale as about 45% and move the clip to the left of the screen using the position settings (the first number controls horizontal motion).
    4) repeat for clip 2, but move the clip to the right.

    Edit: Oh and a please would be nice in your original post.

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