Hi there. I've been editing for almost 10 years independently and learned years ago NOT to use headphones with independent adjustable volume for audio editing since it doesn't allow you to hear everything as they'll actually sound natively. It's for this reason that I don't tend to purchase headphones with adjustable volume, and if I have one, I use another pair of earphones or headphones without that feature.

Here's my problem though, I'm cursed with the misfortune of killing my headphones pretty quickly and now I'm in a bind. All of my headphones are dead. The only ones I have left now is a pair of Logitech h800 wireless headphones which I got a few days ago for my birthday. They're actually pretty sweat headphones, but the problem is that these things have adjustable volume and I have to do some audio editing. I really don't want this to be holding me back right now.

Does anyone have strategies to combat this or know how to plateau the volume enhancement on headphones so that it's neutral and plays sound at its native volume?