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Thread: Green Screen Replacement In Sony Vegas Pro 12

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    Default Green Screen Replacement In Sony Vegas Pro 12

    So, I wanted to know how to replace the green screen in a video with images or videos in Sony Vegas Pro 12. I'll appreciate your help.

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    Where have you looked?

    I'm struggling to think of any search terms you might have typed in that don't point you in roughly the right direction.

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    I had heard about chroma keying and all that stuff so I was just curious. But you were right. I Googled it and it pointed me in the right direction ! :P

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    Maybe Vegas "Help" doesn't mention "Green...." as you can use almost any strong colour - it's just that Green/blue are the most common as most folks don't wear both together, so it can be chroma-keyed. . . . PLUS . . . . plenty of YouTube tutorials, Green-Screen . . . narrow it down by including "Vegas"

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    "Chroma" = Colour

    So when we Chroma Key (CK) a video we are selecting a certain Colour as the "key" to be used as a target for whatever we want to do next. And what we want to do here is to substitute that target colour to create an area of transparency in which to substitute other images/videos.


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