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    This was a school project. We could do whatever we wanted, but they must be 2 minutes or less.
    I chose a Game Show. I did 2 episodes. The 1st was epically bad, not under 2 minutes. I put together a short video showing
    what I did to fix the 1st episode. The final product is episode 2. Still bad, but much better, and closer to the 2 minute limit.
    I still had audio issues I would have fixed if it weren't for my deadline.

    I know they are bad, but I just wanted to show them anyways. It was fun putting it together with my kids.

    $20 Feud Episode 1 - YouTube

    Fixing The Show Video Short
    $20 Feud: Fixing Episode 1 - YouTube

    Episode 2

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    Looks like fun. Loved the sound fx.
    The biggestproblem is the sound, which I find amazing as you have mics in front of the kids and a digital recorder in front of you!

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    Nicely put together, then the opening shots/content is of a lower quality - So, maybe blur those titles add tiny movement. Then the contestants - poor background...they should be several feet away from the curtain (use closed stage curtain, perhaps?) and whenever there's a wrong Ans, you could show the Questioner shaking their head, or audience reaction(Cutaway shot), . . . [Film telling a bad joke at Assembly and you'll get the actions as well as the foley. +you may need to clear copyright or put yr friends into a tight bunch at the front, perhaps]. . . . . that's a powerful counter/clock, maybe a shot of some Operator starting it. For added FX you could introduce a SloMo session where the contestant is "thinking" and we hear the brain grinding, etc. opportunity for some pictures of moving grey matter, perhaps. But do not overdo it - make the audience want "more" thenit's about Right, IMHO. . . . .However, as a school project I think it shows promise....good try.

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