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Thread: Trying to find effect?

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    Default Trying to find effect?

    Hey guys,

    I hope you guys can help me out. I'm trying to find an effect. Best way I can describe it is a distortion effect. It's got that double image effect that you'd often see with 3D footage without the glasses - except with more of a rainbow colour rather than just red/blue. It's very quick and lasts a few seconds - making it very subtle. Hope you guys know what it is!

    I'll post some pictures so you guys have an idea of what I'm talking about.

    effect 2.jpg

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    Here's another shot. Left is without the effect, and on the right is a frame of the effect in place.

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    I think it's includedin NewBlue Light Effects or you can look ath this:

    RGB Shift toutorial - YouTube

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    Yes, this effect is called RGB Shift. There are some tutorials on YouTube how to make it in Vegas

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    Hee Guys I'm Trying to find this effect: (Yellow effect)
    What's the name of this and how can I create this in After Effects?

    Thanks ahead

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