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Thread: First video with Sony vegas Pro 12 !

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    Default First video with Sony vegas Pro 12 !

    As many people suggested to me, I decided not to run away from Sony Vegas Pro 12 and after a lot of ( lot of :P ) hard work, I have come up with this video. I know the video quality sucks pretty bad sometimes but you can't expect more from a Sony Cybershot and a 13 year old kid with no crew to support him. Anyway, as usual, please tell me if anything sucks and what steps I can take to improve it in future. I'll really appreciate your help :P

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    There's some good things there, you have fun concepts and ideas and imagination. I have to wonder if the jumping camera was the actual camera jumping along the desk lol.

    Some feedback...

    I think your lighting was wrong, for instance the book was very shiny, but your face was in shadow. One of the first things I realised about film making is that you have to think in opposites. Normally, when you sit at your desk with the book, you want the book well lit so that you can read it, however when you are filming it is your face that needs to be in the light, and the book in shadow.

    I don't think you went far enough with the stages of frustration, and could have had better actions (how come you didn't tear the book up?). Some of them repeated and didn't gradually get worse, like they should of. Also you could have also had less steps and made more of the actions.

    These are just ideas for you to think about, but overall it is great to see someone young getting involved in film making. You are showing potential simply because you are making the effort, I look forward to watching you progress.
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    Thanks for watching my video! And yes, the jumping camera was the actual camera jumping along the desk ( probably because I was so engrossed in hitting it :P ). Coming to lighting, I didn't have any! It was just two tubelights and one CFL which I had in my room. It's kind of hard getting proper lighting equipment when your parents don't take your passion seriously. Coming to tearing the book up, I think it's a really nice idea ! But that also makes me mad because I can't go back in time ! :P Anyway, thanks for taking the time to suggest all these things. I really appreciate it !

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    Well done. I agree with what Stripe said.

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    Haha, well that reminds me that the second thing I learn about filming is that you have to plan your film as much as possible. But however much you plan it, there will always be something you will miss. At the moment I do a rough filming and then watch it through, and see how it can be improved, then I film it again. There are lots of ways to improve things, sometimes you will see things in the shot that you don't like. In your film, the curtain was distracting. I may have moved the camera right to avoid this. Also, wearing a Man Utd shirt is bad idea, because of sponsor logo's, you should avoid doing this. These are all small things, but you get my point?

    For lighting, a small bedside lamp that tilts may help you, maybe convince your parents that you need one for your homework? lol

    I should also say that as this was an exercise for you in editing, you did very well for first time, your timing was good, and you have a good feel for it, so you can be pleased with this.
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    Stripe's given some good words of advice here.

    I'm not really going to add anything, just elaborate.
    As amateurs, you and I are not subject to the time constraints of professionals, so we can make things up, try them out, if they fail, try something else. You don't have lights? No, but you have books = mostly white reflective paper and I'm sure other white stuff or tim foil or whatever that you can position around in order to reflect light towards the areas you need it.

    There were far too many levels - we get the idea quickly. Most "jokes" of this nature work on the basis of three episodes: A sequence occurs. A sequence occurs again. The same sequence occusrs yet again but with somethig different. This doesn't quite fit into that category of joke, but you can see that we recognise a pattern with only two occurrences and the beginnings of a third. So, getting gradually more frustrated over a series of 10 levels is nowhere near as "funny" as doing so over three or four levels (where each can contrast more greaty with the previous level).

    The "joke" about polio is a bad move. It is offensive. It also doesn't work a a joke - it's neither related to the action we've seen nor is it so random as to be surreal.
    It would be better to have the actor having suffered something that could have been induced by his actions (eg a brain haemorrage - which may have been induced by bashing his head) or something totally random (like had his head blown off in a freak Ker-Plunk accident)
    Also the polio caption a bit wide - leaves some space either side.

    On the other hand the self effacing comment about sounding like a girl was hilarious. I'd "switched off" by then as you were giving all the blurb about subscribing and that line caused me to double take. Priceless!

    But overall a very good start. I expect to see many more from you and I expect them to improve rapidly.

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