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Thread: First Videoproject! Review pls :) Bach - Cello Suite No.6, Gigue

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    Question First Videoproject! Review pls :) Bach - Cello Suite No.6, Gigue

    Hello all!

    This is my first video project feat. Stephan Stetina!
    Please review our work and post your comments here on or youtube! Thank you a lot!

    Bach - Cello Suite No.6, Gigue ("Joy" , Stephan Stetina VC)


    What do you think???


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    I thought this was a loverly idea. The music and the visuals work together nicely. One issue I had was the audio recording had a small room ambiance and the Cello was being played outside. Unfortunately once I'd picked this up it stuck with me throughout. A couple of the transitions didn't quite work. The first out of blurred fade at 3:00 was ok but the second one should have been a straight fade without the blur. The fade at the end into the end titles was far to long, in fact I think the whole of the end sequence could do to be trimmed. I liked the walking away shot but it lasted too long.

    I still enjoyed the piece very much. Well done.

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    I agree with Midnight - it's a good idea, but the sound doesn't quite match it. Obviously we're not meant to believe he's playing one complete sequence outside (he appears in different locations) but set up how it is it feels a bit like that is waht we're meant to think. Perhaps if the music began before we see himplaying that would make it clear. I dunno.

    This is quite an arty pice and as such each shot should be pretty perfect (unlike a documentary where you often only get one chance to shoot so less than perfect is acceptable). So the following is quite picky, but i hope you find it useful.

    The opening shot has the cellist exposed perfectly when seated, but where he walks into the frame his face is over-exposed. This is particularly noticable in this shot because (a) it is the opeing shot and (b) our attention is always drawn to a person's face.
    There's a nasty edit of two similar shots dissolved at 0:50.
    Whilst the shots were mostly nicely composed, the camera movement was less than smooth and often didn't seem deliberate enough - it looked more like someone trying to frame a shot than inhect some movement.
    Similar comments for the jerky zooms.
    Whilst I liked the different threads (the cellist at the different locations) I did not like the jumping back and forth in time at the initial bench. (He arrives, he leaves, then he's back there playing) - EDIT: Actualuy I've just looked again and I think these arre two different locations (but it's the impression that counts)
    There was a later shot of the girls runnig around the tree which looked like a repeat shot.

    None of these ruin the film - it was a great effort especially if this ws a first attempt - but pay attetion to these sorts of things and the next will be even better.

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    I liked the obvious care taken and I enjoyed the strangeness of viewing a player in such strange surroundings. And 'cello playing is, IMHO, rather more fun to watch than many other instruments. One side effect is to provide the viewer with lovely poses and options for the player to look engaged with the music.
    I got the impression the camera's tripod was rather sensitive and was juddering around whenever the operator moved the camera. Whilst I know little about 'cellos; I thought I detected times when the notes might not be perfectly synced with the finger/arm/bow movements. Perhaps I have spent too long using synthed 'cellos; but some of the bass notes where there was polyphony sounded rather too rough or abrupt.
    I agree, the 'small room' ambiance sounds odd, but I am sure it is more pleasing than a real 'cello in the open air. The piece is quite long (for a pop song) and I wondered whether I might have liked another scene inserted (e.g. the player playing indoors; thus accounting for the ambiance in the recording; and perhaps 'reading' from the manuscript which we get to see briefly).
    Bach is my fave composer (next to myself), so I enjoyed watching the clip. I look forward to your next one.

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    First of all, let me thank you for all your replies, I didint expect to get so many precise useful comments right away - this forum really works well! Let me quickly respond to some of them:

    - regarding the room ambiance: Thats a good point, I didnt realize that one might actually be disturbed by the obvious difference to outdoor acoustics! Anyway, I dont know a quick solution - recording outside directly is ( at least to my knowledge and with my equipment) impossible if you aim for acceptable sound quality (most Bach Suite´s are even recorded in Churches which would then seem even more strange ) Maybe carefully adding some background noise recorded with the camera such as birds singing or the wind blowing might help a litte bit, but im not sure..

    - the synchronization of me playing the Cello in the clip and the corresponding music isnt perfect of course.. as a matter of fact it was driving me mad I spent many hours trying to match the movie better to the music but the truth is, everytime one perfomes a dynamic piece like this it is somewhat different, not much, but enough that it becomes almost impossible to really synchronize everything (and there are some many parameters that should be taken into account: the movement of the hole body, movement of the bow and fingers etc..) If you have any suggestions how to improve this (maybe software that works nicely for this task) please let me know! Anyway Im planning to do another prject inside and hopefully we will manage to record sound and video at the same time

    - I dont want to say much about the details of the video recording since this was done entirely by my friend Jakob, maybe he can reply on some of your comments!

    Thanks again,

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    The only idea I have for matching the sound to the images is to be in a similar sized room when you start playing, then you can expand to other places. It might work that way.

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