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Thread: Smoothness (FPS) decrease after rendering

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    Default Smoothness (FPS) decrease after rendering

    I kindly ask you for help in my trouble... When I render video edited in Adobe Premiere (the same in After Effects or Pinnacle Studio) I got serious decrease in smoothness (probably lower FPS).
    No matter what source video I use for editing - I used 1080p video (m2ts file) with 25 frames/sec, I also used 720p video captured from tape, also 25 frames/sec. As a source video it plays smoothly, but after rendering it becomes much less smooth.
    I also tried many rendering settings - MPEG, AVI, h.264 - the same effect in every case. Once I rendered my video as 50 frames/sec - then it was as smooth as source video! But this is not a good solution, when DVD and Youtube limit unables to use 50 frames/sec.

    I will be really grateful for any advices!

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    What is the FPS for the source video? Have you considered Premiere's/AE's/AdobeMediaEncoder's options for 'frame blending'?

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    FPS for the source is 25/s.
    I tested frame blending - it makes the video smoother, but still, it isn't as smooth as the original.
    I tested many encoding options and I discovered, that it all depends on having it progressive or interlaced. The source video is 1080i. If I render it as interlaced, it plays smoothly. If in progressive, the smoothness decreases a lot. But as far as I know, progressive encoding is standard for Youtube for example, where the most videos are smooth. So what's the clue? What rendering options should I use?

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    The Premiere 'Sequence' has its own settings. When adding a clip to a sequence, Premiere offers an option to "interpret the footage" (Adobe Premiere Pro * Modifying clip properties with Interpret Footage). Does changing the field order make a difference?

    I am hoping someone wiser may offer a solution.

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