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Thread: Help!!! Software keeps crashing

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    Exclamation Help!!! Software keeps crashing

    I have been using sony vegas 8 for almost a year now and this hasn't happened this bad in a while. I can't figure out what to do. All my footage is shot in the same size, the pictures are reduced but it still won't render. I tried "Make a Movie" and Render both in
    Format: Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
    Template: 5 Mbps HD 720-25p Video

    It's nt working. It either starts and quits or it freezes. sometime comes up with asian writing in a box. but for the most part says there is an error. I have tried rendering it in a different format also (AVI) no go

    Please help.

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    Are you working with a registered copy of the software?

    Where is "make a movie" in "I have been using sony vegas 8 "?

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