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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Black Preview Screen

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    Hi. I have a school video production project to do and I was using Sony Vegas to Edit. I've used Sony Vegas for 2 years and never had this problem. It worked fine all morning and then I closed out and loaded it back up and the preview screen was black. I made sure that all of the composting modes were set to what they were supposed to and I also did that Options>Preferences thing to no luck. I also downgraded my Quicktime player version but to no luck. Some one told me to uncheck GPU Acceleration but that didn't work either. I really need help because the project is due Monday (two days). I only have about 6 or 7 clips in the timeline but I have about 15 imported (I only chose out the best clips to use). I dont think that will matter of how many I had imported. All of them are in .wmv format. I also copied them and converted them into .avi and changed the location of the original ones so when Vegas asked me where the files where, I directed them to the .avi videos but nothing happened. I really need help. Its a pretty big assignment and I just started. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. BTW, the Vegas pro 11 build is 701. Just in case you needed it.

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