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    Default Editing Team!

    Heyo Guys!
    We are an Editing Team and a Cinema Channel , would be awsome if you check us!

    AJCinema | Thanks for 4k! - YouTube

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    I watched "License to Chill Gun Sync Edit ◁ Black Ops 2 Gameplay". Unlike many clips of gameplay, this one is clearly edited (I think successfully) to fit the soundtrack.
    My main criticism would be the utter lack of story. The scenes are merely of low resolution CGI characters being shot in time with the music.
    Is it impossible to create a dramatic work from edited gameplay with a story with a start/middle and ending? And perhaps with additional dialogue and sound effects.

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    Actually it's only an "OCE" (One Clip Edit) or a little Edit.
    It would be really awsome if someone make a video with a story in it.
    Thanks for your critic

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