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    Did this, inspired by a couple of things I've seen and thought. It's just a test but came out okay I think. Have got plenty more planned but not sure if there is enough time to do them!!!!
    Chris Blanden - Rondo alla Turca - YouTube

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    Is life too short to produce this type of thing. Well I suppose that depend on whether you believe in reincarnation.

    Great job , well done.

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    A lot of work to produce this type of thing. You've executed it flawlessly ... Well done.
    Next time see if there's any way you can get a bit more of your personality and/or humour into it. I've no suggestions as to how you might but I'm sure you've seen ...
    Amateur - YouTube or any of the work by Kartiv2. You'll note there is something a bit special added to these videos that makes them a little more than technically competent.

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    I know the cuts are to the music, but I felt like I was going to have a seizure at times. It definitely sparked some idea possibilities for future music videos I will have to film in the near future though.

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    Hey. Thanks for your comments and for watching the vid.
    It was Amateur that first inspired this. really great. These are very time consuming projects but great fun and the results can be amazing.
    I have another less fit inducing idea which I am starting soon. I'll post the result up here in a few months!!!
    Love this forum. Some great work flying around!
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