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Thread: Can't decide which video editor to use. Please help.

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    Default Can't decide which video editor to use. Please help.

    Hey, guys ! I'm very keen to learn video-editing but I can't seem to find a suitable video editor. I mainly try to make funny internet skits and then post them on YouTube. I started off with WIndows Live Movie Maker but now I think that I've got the hang of it and I feel I need to jazz up my videos a little more. Windows Live Movie Maker has very basic video FX and transitions and I want a little bit more. So, I tried using Sony Vegas Pro 12 but I found it really daunting and intimidating. So, I need your help. Can you guys please suggest a video editor to me which is high on video FX and transitions and all that stuff yet is simple and straight-forward to use without a steep learning curve? Kind of similar to Windows Live Movie Maker's simplicity? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance !

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    Joe is right, there's no point running away from Vegas. You are just putting off the inevitable.

    You need to have a powerful editor, but it doesn't have to be a painful learning process.

    For what you want to do, I could sit down and teach you what you need to know about Vegas in an hour. Or you could spend 12 hours on your own trying to get your head around it, but still never know if you were doing things efficiently.

    Find someone to spend an hour with you, and save yourself the headaches.

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    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Stripe, I really don't have anybody who can sit for an hour with me and help me out a little. So, I'm kinda stuck here :(

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    Thanks for the suggestions !

    One last question. Does Vegas Pro 12 pack enough punch to allow me to make really good videos or do you reckon it’s not enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiveditMishra View Post
    Does Vegas Pro 12 pack enough punch to allow me to make really good videos or do you reckon itís not enough?
    Indeed, I've seen really good, maybe even excellent videos people have made with Vegas Pro 12.
    I reckon it may have a lot to do with their talents/skills as well though.

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    hi NiveditMishr,nice to meet you. I'm a lady, therefore i wish the video editor i recommend here will suit for you because of its simple and easy-to-use charactor. Wondershare Video Editor, which is more powerful than WLMM in my opinion and with more effects and transitions than Video FX as your wish. What's the best, one of my firends are launching related giveaway, you can get one at free!

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    Thanks for showing interest in my problem, alicia.florrick. I have tried Wondershare Video Editor but the first major problem I encountered with it was that it's not compatible with my operating system - Windows 8 Pro 64 bit Build 9200. Secondly, I didn't like it's interface and design as such. Also, the transitions, effects and Video FX are very limited and limit creativity. I have already got the video editor I need to use so I guess there's no point in continuing this thread.

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    look at Sony Creative Webinars on just aboput every aspect of Editing - some can be 1hr so a good drink, biscuits etc. YouTube ditto, but some are of variable quality (you be the Judge). And there are Posters here who have some available . . . But your own YT vids should be slick and simple to keep the audience riveted - So, lots of transitions, FX and so on may win awards, but it can be hard work to watch . . . . Content is KIng . . . and varying the camera angle, good voice, actions that are relevant to the story . . . these count for a lot.IMHO. . . . . . plus I'm surprised you went for the Vegas Pro version, when Movie Studio is nearly the same thing at far less money. I suggest to potential purchasers they get the production "Suite" version which has extra software - that I find useful, almost every session. . . . . Good Luck. . . . . . . . . . . . BTW - agree WLMM is not great, but then it's free and solid from Microsoft - so there are no perishing Emails asking you Buy something.
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    I agree with joe it is about the skill of the artist not the editor. So just go with what you have right now and try to configure yourself Because windows movie maker is best.

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