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Thread: Aprils Music video

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    Default Aprils Music video

    there was a bit of delay in the edit but got it up eventually
    this project is still going, each month we shoot a music video, in April we used lots of still photography mixed with video and lyrics
    Viva La Burn - YouTube

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    Brilliant, had everything. Love the saturation, the concept, the modern message, the music, the lyric. You got the levels of plot intertwining to maintain interest, especially using the guy as the hate representative. Great piece of art.

    Have shared this one, doubt anyone will give their precious time to watch it though, most people have tickets on themselves after all

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    I thought you did a great job with this, it's very fitting to the music. A very simple idea made good with the editing. I did feel it get a little draggy in the middle but then different things happened to bring me back into line.

    It might have been nice if the guy punch the girl in the face at the end, is that wrong of me to think that.

    Over all I thought it was very good.

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    Fantastic job. Just atthe point I was beginning to think, "OK is there anything more to this", you started to develop the theme.
    I loved the sneering disappointment on the guy's face at "Monogamist"

    That's two music vids for April though!

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    Not bad! Some slick editing there to run with the pace of the song and I liked the graphics you used and the comic book style and look...

    I would say the grade for me was veering on the edge of a bit too much, colours were starting to leak a bit and detail was getting lost - I'm guessing this was shot on a DSLR? I would also say I think the main
    character could of done with a bit more movement and fluidity and I would have liked to have seen a bit more variation in shots but understand you are limited to a degree by the white backdrop.

    I think another area to work on would be the concept but overall I thought it was pretty stylish though so well done!
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    woops, I am totally getting my months mixed up. I probably posted March's as April by accident :/
    Currently working on May's which is again something totally different.

    Thanks for all the feedback! I think my gradings improving slowly, not quite perfect yet but getting there I hope. I agree with the story line in the middle, really struggled with that, I'm glad you all watched on and let it pull through


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