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Thread: ISRC/Metadata help

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    Default ISRC/Metadata help

    Using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12 (64bit) and DVDArchitect 5.2

    What I've done is made a video for my latest single and wanted to encode the relevant info before I upload to YouTube, but I can't enter in my ISRC data.
    I'm new to video editing but have used CD Architect for years so I assumed that DVD Architect would function the same. I don't know where to edit the metadata in DVDA 5.2 Sony's help says to click on View-Metadata-Tracklist but that option doesn't exist in either of the 2 Movie Studio programs. I also don't have a Tracklist window or tab, and oddly, the Alt+6 is totally gone in the menu (I have Alt+1 through Alt+5, Alt+6 is not listed, then it continues). I can edit the Project Properties for Title, Author etc., but again, I'm missing the ISRC field.
    In Movie Studio I can add a Command, which brings up various text fields - Artist, copyright but not the ISRC (or UPC either.)

    Totally confused if I would do this under Movie Studio or Architect? I would assume that Architect would be where it's done being the last step in the process then render and upload.

    Rendering to the HD template for .wmv and have checked the add markers under Metadata. Also clicked through the template settings and didn't find it there either - just the Title and Author fields.
    Am I going about the process wrong or will the Movie Studio/DVDA not do what I thought it would?

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    As far as I know the only place to put the ISRC is when making an audio CD in Movie Studio. Select the View menu and then select the item Edit Details. The options to enter track info. including ISRC is there but I don't know if it will work for a video render.

    My understanding is that this code is only for audio recording so it may not be available for video. I'm not an expert so don't take my word for it.

    Sorry if that doesn't help.

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    Unfortunately, View > Edit Details seems to be an option in VPro only.

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    Well it's a moot point really as it's on ly for CDs and not video. It seems like the only option is to put loads of info in the project properties and see if that helps but as it's going up to YouTube they will also re-code it so who knows what will be left by the time they have finished.

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    Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'll be downloading the Pro version demo in a bit. Would have been nice if they had that in the compare products chart.

    It's actually not a moot point because ISRCs are for video as well as audio, they recommend for the small content people (me) to start our catalogs with a 9xxxx for videos - leaving the other 0xxxx-89999 for audio tracks.
    I looked a bit deeper on YouTube and it appears they will read the meta-data from the video file and that I could add it if it were incorrect or missing during the uploading process...but I may have misunderstood that.

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