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    Default My film comp entry

    Here's something I did last week for a local film comp. I live in the country and the rules were...

    1. Showcase the 'South Burnett' area. (That would be like your local county in UK terms)
    2. incorporate the local council 'swirl' logo. (I stuck it on the intro)
    3. 50% must be filmed in the local area and be recent footage. (this became a clue for the concept)
    4. Any recognisable people in the video must sign an approval form. (I got away with just myself and 3 others)
    5. The council retain all rights to the video, may use it locally and internationally if they choose, and you will waive your rights to royalties or recognition for having produced the video. (sob)
    6. There are 2 weeks between opening and closing dates for entries. (crikey)

    So first up I would ask for opinion on those conditions. Are these regular conditions? They seem quite suffocating to me.

    Anyhow, my first idea fell to pieces due to needing 5 actors, and finding NONE. Not as easy as it sounds.

    Finally I found a concept and had 3 days left to produce something. I spent one day bombing around the local area for footage, then off to the City for another day. (Brisbane, about 100 miles away). Then one day and a no-sleep night to review and edit.

    Overall it was a challenge to get so much footage in so little time, and to also appease rule #4.

    In the context of all that, I am willing to accept any feedback, especially regarding colour, cuts, angles, flow, natural transition, and success in getting the concept across. It was a dull day in Brisbane, I'm not sure I could do anything about the grim light, and luckily it added to the concept


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    I like the idea. The first couple of cuts worked ok together but after a while it starts to drag. I think the pace between the cuts needs to be quicker. I'd make the city shots shorter compared to the country side shots. You've got a lot of material and I think now you are at this stage it needs to be looked at again with new eyes and start to trim it down as I feel the over all video is too long.

    A simple voice over might be good in places with a little light music to help the jar with the sound between the comparison shots. After a while the back and forth gets a little tedious so moving toward showing more of the quiet peaceful shots together might work better with an occasional reminder of how bad the city is.

    These are just my initial thoughts.

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    Thanks MB

    I forgot rule #7 which was that the film had to be 4 minutes long.

    With all the rush, having music and voice over was not an option, I'm not sure there were any fresh eyes available either. The jarring between city and country was therefore necessary and deliberate, but you can also imagine the hassle with 40 clips of sound to deal with when you're in a hurry.

    I'd certainly do it better given more time, and you're right about making it snappier, I hoped the good transitions such as the bird, the train etc and the interest in the shots plus the gradual realisation of the parallels would hold the movie through the 4 minutes.

    But it was never going to be a classic without a lot more attention to detail.

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    Now that you explained rule #7, I understand why it's so long.

    There were some really nice transitions and I loved the busy shop and the picking fruit comparison. The shot at the end is really nice as well.

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    Cheers, I would be interested to know when the penny dropped about the clips being parallels?

    And speaking of the picking fruit bit, the overdose of colour in the supermarket... ok I forgot to adjust for flouro lighting, but wow, it's like being 6 yards from the sun.

    Next time you buy an orange from the supermarket, don't be upset if it suddenly seems yellow when you stick it in the fruit bowl at home
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    I got it after the first couple of cuts.

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    I WON
    I didn't think i'd be getting to use this smiley so soon, but here goes

    $1000 better off, and feeling justified (and ancient)
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    Congratulations! It took me a while to get the concept of switching between town and countryside. I really liked the transition from wallaby statue to goat. The bird also worked fine for me. Inprinciple I liked the transitions towards the end better - maybe I got the idea then.

    Some shots were a bit unsteady. It could have been an idea to have all city shots unsteady and the country shots smooth. Depends a bit on the message you want to deliver.

    Furthermore do I agree with Midnight Blue that the city scenes should have been shorter. In my eyes it wouldn't hurt to extend the countryside scenes in exchange to keep the length.

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    Congratulations! It wasn't gonna be easy in the short deadline you had and it's a shame about the council retaining all rights, but you should be able to milk the publicity enough to justify your time spent on the project.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Fantastic! Congratulations. I didn't comment earlier as I'd nothing to add to others' comments. Roll on DD!

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