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Thread: My Matrix Reloaded Trailer

  1. Default My Matrix Reloaded Trailer

    I know you lot are pros on here with your cool editing program but ill still join the club

    i made this in about 15 minutes on windows movie maker 2

    Tell me what you think

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    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    It's hard to know what edits are yours... As ever, I'd thoroughly recommend filming your own stuff...
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    all edits are mine,i cut things from the film.

    yea i know but i have like 1 day till my college interview and had to make a bit of media :P

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a proverbial piece of piss to re-edit a big-budget movie (hence why it took you 15 mins). I've done it myself and no matter what you do, the shots just look "right".

    Honestly, grab your cam and see for yourself...
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