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    I've tried several software but I can't find the right one, so hopefully someone can help me. I currently use solveigmm video splitter because its the one that comes closest to what I need. The problem with solveigmm video splitter is that it slows down drastically when I set the markers to splitt the video. I am splitting videos to very small parts mostly under 1 minute. I cut every camera change to be able to mix the scenes differently afterwards. With solveigmm video splitter its possible to do that kinda exact but it dosnt always place the marker where I want it, even though I placed it on the exact frame. It places it like 5 to 20 frames wrong, even 1 frame shows in the split, so I always have to adjust the markers. With the slowdown of the software it's torture, something that would take like 1 hour of work becomes 4 hours of work. I'm mostly splitting mkv and sometimes avi, I dont really want to convert to raw, only if there is no other option. Whai I need is a software that uses multicore cpu so it dosn't slow down and can split mkv/avi, best with autosplitting function whenever the camera changes. XD
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    Surely with a proper editing program you can can slit and mix at the same time. Try Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. They may seem over the top for what you need but the cut down versions would be fine.

    Your workflow doesn't really make any sense to me.

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    The mixing isn't done in the editing software, I do that with html/javascript. The problem with Adobe Premiere and other software is that I have to demux the mkv file before I can use it and after I've split the video I have to reencode/mux all the files.

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    Not sure if this helps, but in Vegas Movie-Studio you can create "Sub-clips" which are like the original, but whatever length you desire (ie shorter!). So OP can end-up with several dozens of files which can be named to suit the work.project. The advantage is these sub-clips can be considered as edited clips (rather like in cine) - but they can contain some amount of overlap, giving the Editor the ability to make the transition exactly where required, rather than find the next frame doesn't exist. The original files remain intact, so nothing need be lost. . . . . Is it me? today but my "Carriage Return" isn't woking . . . .

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    Because I think Windows sucks, I will suggest you use Apple Final Cut Pro. I never had any problem, but if you do want to stay with the windows system because of some unknown reason I would say use Adobe Premiere, for bluray I use Adobe Encore, it's not perfect but it's the best I've found.

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