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Thread: GoPro Video Underwater

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    Default GoPro Video Underwater

    let me know what you guys think

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    Decent video but I must ask why does everyone see the need to put blue in the shadows?
    because it makes you hipster

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    Thought it was poor colour-balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    Thought it was poor colour-balance.
    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    You might want to start by not putting so much blue in the shadows. Also try to keep the colors complimenting well. Such as orange and blue.
    i thought i was being subtle with the blue.. i guess not

    i think the shot at the end with the scooter, has too much green in the sky, or am i mistaken

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    I think ther are some good shots here and you've put some effort into it, but at the moment it is still just an ordinary montage.

    If you watch without the music, you'll see it doesn't really maintain interest.
    I think you need to be a bit more ruthless in your choice of shots:
    The opening shot has the sea sloping - never a good look (if you want it to look deliberate then I think it should slope more)
    The shot at 0:29 where you are squinting at the camera makes you look rather creepy.
    0:34 of just your torso running through the frame adds nothing.
    0:40 on the boat is a pointless inclusion as the water on the lens blurs out your face (this is in contrast to 1:16 where water on the lens is as a consequence of the action and adds to the emotion of the image - ditto the water pistols shots later on)

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    Really enjoyed watching.

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    That's the trade off that comes with point of view (POV) cameras. The beauty of these cameras is the take it anywhere versatility. Sure, it would be great to have better frames shots, but that's missing the point. Faced between nothing and these shots, I'd take these shots every time. It's about capturing the moment. Having fun. And the guy did a cracking job of putting all these shots together. I wish more people would get out there, film and have fun in the edit. The lad sets a great example.

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    Surely the point is that "anything that gives Video a new excitement" has to be good. Thse small cameras are rugged, and not expensive. If you plan a sea-sand-snow trip (and water, mud etc), then these cameras will survive, where our expensive "proper" cameras won't. It is a shame they offer only a WA view, but then this solves the focus-issue and the lack of stab.

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