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Thread: Is that a progressive shooting??

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    Default Is that a progressive shooting??

    Hello guys.
    I need help with technical video issues because searching the internet I could not be helped properly or be sure with confidence.
    I deliver my works on dvd (PAL EUROPE), but I would like sometimes upload any of these clips work to youtube, vimeo.
    One case requires interlaced video, while the other progressive. It is more efficient of shooting progressive and convert it to interlaced, as many say. But watching the result of the conversion from interlaced to progressive to dvd, I realise that it does not have the same smoothness as an already interlaced video.
    We work with camera Panasonic AG-HVX200E and I dared to shoot for the first time with 25p and 50i (576). The properties of clips see both interlaced (lower fields). When I import them to Adobe Premiere, the suggested sequence is with lower fields. At metadata again I see lower fields. How can it be explained; The only difference I could find between the two clips through their properties, was that at the 25p indicated pulldown 2:2.
    1080p properties refers to the progressive, but the pulldown 2:2 too.
    What's going on?

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    Err...I've never been forced to upload interlaced footage onto youtube...I upload progressive all the time with no issues?

    Have you tried uploading your Pal Europe footage?...

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    The reason you see the properties as lowerfield first for both 25p and 50i is because the HVX200 shoots 1080/25p over 50i. This is a very confusing thing to understand for me but don't worry about it has never been an issue with Sony Vegas.

    If you set the camera to record 25p you are getting a progressive footage, even if Adobe Premiere is reporting it as interlaced. I don't know why the camera was built like this, I've used this camera for years, I've shot progressive and interlaced, I've even mixed the footage in the editor and never had an issue setting the project properties as progressive. When you shoot 1080p you should set the properties at 1440 x 1080 with the pixel aspect set at 1.3333. Then when you render at 1080p with square pixel it will be good to go for the internet. All standard def DVDs are interlaced so converting from interlaced to progressive then to DVD is a flawed work flow.

    Hope this helps.

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    I should explain what 25p over 50i means. The HVX200 records in a progressive format at 25fps but is delivered in an interlaced transport stream at 50 fields per second. When it has "arrived" at your computer it will be a normal progressive image. I'm not an engineer and don't know why it has to do this but I'm sure you can find a better explanation if you Google 1080/25p over 50i.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    All standard def DVDs are interlaced so converting from interlaced to progressive then to DVD is a flawed work flow.
    My english are poor, so translating my thread, words confused :p
    I meant "converting from progressive to interlaced and then to dvd"
    So better from 25p to 50i and then to dvd (and 25p to 25p for internet) and not 50i to 50p and then to internet (for dvd delivery 50i is not a problem).
    I think camera has no option for 50p, only for 25p which is almost the same with 50i :(
    You helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

    Bpotter908 I have no options to shoot a progressive footage. What do you propose me to do? To shot in 25p or in 50i? (Don't tell me about 720 or 1080, I 'm not interesting for them that time) Thank you!!!

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    The HVX200 will shoot at 50fps but only at 720p.

    Happy shooting.

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    Yeah, I checked that last night, you 're right. Thanks a lot!!!

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