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Thread: Using imported settings as export settings..?

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    Post Using imported settings as export settings..?

    I'm using Movie Studio Platinum 12 [64-bit] (trial version while the retail product is in the post)..

    Can someone explain what the 'Match Media Video Settings' does in the properties of the project, as I assumed it would mean I'd only have to choose the file format when it came to exporting, as it would already have the video size, audio bit rate, frames per second, and all that malarkey but apparently not. I've also tried saving these settings as a custom template, but to no avail as the template doesn't even appear in the export settings.

    Am I misunderstanding the use of this feature and being a tit, or is it due it being the trial version or something else entirely?

    As I really don't want to have edit a pre-made Sony template every time the video resolution isn't a recognized standard format, any help would be appreciated or even some alternative choices of video editing software where I can just tell it to use the same properties of a parent video file when exporting (if any exist).


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    What is your question?


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    You need to set the project properties according to the media you are using for very project. If you save a project settings type with an original name it will be there in the project settings not the render settings, these are two very different things. One defines whats going in and the other defines whats going out. The match media option should set the project properties to fit the media selected.

    These can but necessarily be the same settings. For example if you import 1080 25p but want to make a DVD you would select a DVD template for rendering.

    Does that help ?

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    I apologize if my question wasn't clear Grazie.

    Cheers Midnight Blue, it did help but the videos I'm editing are 720x404, as that size isn't standard (or at least I assume it isn't) do I have to edit a pre-made template every time I want to export? Is there a way to make a new export template?

    Again my apologies if my question still isn't clear and for being a bit of a tit :P

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    Yes providing you have the customise button in the render template box just alter the settings of an existing template with an original name and save as a new render template.

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    Really no need to apologise. I didn't understand the question.

    OK, here's my workflow:

    A] Shoot my footage knowing where the final edit will be used. If it is slomo, then choose a frame rate that'll lend it to being adjusted in either Vegas OR now, Twixtor [ MNBF!]; acknowledge that do I have ALL the tooIs needed back in the studio to make changes and provide plenty of alternative shots to combine for B- or even C-roll. (Talk of audio here will make this a very long response, but I'm equally nervous and strict with myself here too)

    B] Import my "material": Video, Stills, Graphics, Scans and Audio ( yeah that word again . . moooooving on . . )

    C] Project Settings: Make a fundamental decision to edit in the most relevant template that will give me:
    i] Fluidity of Edit - making as a good as possible framerate for any edit decisions.

    ii] Adjusting the Material - meaning here to render-out any tricky footage that needs to be confined/constricted to the Project settings - MANY PEOPLE FORGET TO DO THIS, and come here perplexed why Vegas chokes on: 5 different frame-rates; CODECS that don't open their footage; colour spaces that aren't appropriate to the now struggling Vegas and generally advance their enthusiasm in front of and over the abilities of Vegas to do the MATHS . . . Yeah, me too . . .

    D] Do the Edit! (Y'know, the easy bit!)

    E] Now, having spent time to produce an edit that complies WITH the Project settings I can:
    i) Make an uncompressed lossless MASTER file for "keepers" and use this as my Production>Publication file. And publication means here ANYTHING!!! that allows the viewer to "see and hear" my masterpiece. I've been using LAGARITH as my weapon of choice here for a lossless CODEC: it's fast on render and retains much of the colour-space for further editing and/or Final Render-Out .

    ii) I can now decide to EITHER use the LAGARITH render OR, if I am feeling very confident about my RAW project playing-ball, render to the Project Settings a Format that is needed. And here that means, DVD; MP4 for web - I use the spectacularly simple HANDBRAKE, marvellous; WMP ( well, maybe . . . . ); or now, newly for me, the upload to YouTube and generally determine just what is needed by/for the client.

    So, to recap:

    • Film-for-the-Edit - PERIOD!

    • Qualify/certify/adjust the Material to make a fluid Edit experience - don't forget that a fluid edit makes for a pleasant viewing. My benchmark here is: Do I see my Edit or am I caught up in the Movie? If it is the former then I have failed.

    • Render in the Template that is required/needed for Publication.

    Making a Fluid Edit is straightforward. However, many people (myself included...) will confuse what is POSSIBLE in Vegas with what is only REQUIRED.

    Oh yeah . . HAVE FUN! It has taken me years to get to a position that I am only just now feeling as if I can "finger" what I need to do. My old mentor would keep saying to me: "Do the simple thing, and you wont go far wrong!" - to which I would say, and still do, when I speak to him over a SKYPE chat: "Yeah, but I don't KNOW what IS the simple thing??" - To which we both laugh . . knowingly . . . .

    I really hope that my work-flow suggestion/s help you.

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