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Thread: 40fps timebase in premier 7 pro ?

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    Default 40fps timebase in premier 7 pro ?

    im trying to make a quake video, at 40 fps, but how do i set it to 40 fps timebase ?!, it goes from 30 to 50 :( help plz, i cant start making it tilli figure this out

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    Why would you want 40fps???

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    why would you even post that ?.. because 40 fps makes a big difference in the smoothness of the video for a quake one.. so much action.. more fps.. nicer to watch ... eh

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    Frame rates in video are part of a standard, and deviating from this standard renders your video unplayable DVD players. The 40fps you require isn't party of any standard I know of, and hence my question.
    To summarise quickly, cinematic films play at 24fps, PAL video at 25fps and NTSC at approx 30fps. Hence why 40fps isn't an option.

    You can double the framerate by de-interlacing video, hence the other options available.

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    hmm, ill rephrase my question a bit... its a game movie.. which will not be played on dvd players, just a divx compressed avi file...

    and another i havent got much experience with premier, so how can i go about setting it up for being at 40 fps ?.. that is when i get my video to work with transitions without crashing media player :\

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    I'm pretty sure you can't.

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    im pretty sure it can be done, there are a few quake movies that have been created with premier 7 that run at 40fps

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    Okay, I played around with Premiere and came up with this:

    Copy this code and past into a new notepad file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <PremiereData Version="3">
    <ProjectPreset ObjectRef="1"/>
    <ProjectPreset ObjectID="1" ClassID="8261b64a-36b7-4177-a7ff-6e8402fafdc5" Version="1">
    <Description>For editing with IEEE1394 (FireWire/i.LINK) DV equipment.
    Standard PAL video (4:3 interlaced).
    48kHz (16 bit) audio.
    <DeviceControlMatchName>DV Device Control</DeviceControlMatchName>
    <ProjectSettings ObjectRef="2"/>
    <ProjectSettings ObjectID="2" ClassID="50c16708-a1a1-4d2f-98d5-4e283ae28353" Version="14">
    <AudioCompileSettings ObjectRef="7"/>
    <DefaultSequenceSettings ObjectRef="10"/>
    <AudioSettings ObjectRef="4"/>
    <VideoSettings ObjectRef="3"/>
    <VideoCompileSettings ObjectRef="5"/>
    <PlaymodulePrefsData Encoding="base64" Checksum="2819822434">FAAAAAIAAAABAQEAAQAAAAHMzMw= </PlaymodulePrefsData>
    <CaptureSettings ObjectRef="9"/>
    <VideoSettings ObjectID="3" ClassID="58474264-30c4-43a2-bba5-dc0812df8a3a" Version="6">
    <AudioSettings ObjectID="4" ClassID="6baf5521-b132-4634-840e-13cec5bc86a4" Version="6">
    <VideoCompileSettings ObjectID="5" ClassID="db372db5-7de2-4d3c-98ae-f42659d77b22" Version="4">
    <VideoSettings ObjectRef="6"/>
    <VideoSettings ObjectID="6" ClassID="58474264-30c4-43a2-bba5-dc0812df8a3a" Version="6">
    <AudioCompileSettings ObjectID="7" ClassID="34b10007-ab6d-49a7-bac5-7b60d919e387" Version="5">
    <AudioSettings ObjectRef="8"/>
    <AudioSettings ObjectID="8" ClassID="6baf5521-b132-4634-840e-13cec5bc86a4" Version="6">
    <CaptureSettings ObjectID="9" ClassID="328c2aa2-47f9-4211-805b-b6a6dbd4ca29" Version="7">
    <RecordModuleDisplayName>DV/IEEE1394 Capture</RecordModuleDisplayName>
    <DefaultSequenceSettings ObjectID="10" ClassID="567bdf53-d6d9-4d61-b2f1-f4834bebea9b" Version="2">
    Save into X:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro\Settings\DV - NTSC as 40fps.prprest now fire up premiere and you'll have an option for 40fps

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    cheers, but still not quite working, that got the timebase onto 40fps, but when i goto export i cant select anything other then 29.97fps.. plus the resolution is wrong, should of said, but yeh i want 640x480.. @40fps.. , so the the editing mode should be Video for Windows, not DV.

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    Use these output settings:

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