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    Check out my mate's animation which he did in 3 months on 5 years old PC ! Software: 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas.

    Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Textures, Video Post Production and Audio Post Production by Adrian "Koza" Kozanecki. //Roughly 10- 15 minutes render per frame.

    The Driller - YouTube

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    This is a very impressive piece of work. I am full of admiration for people who have the knowhow and patience to do this sort of thing.

    I hope your friend is very proud, he should be.

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    I loved the little details. They looked alot clearer when watching at 1080p. The instrument cluster scene (0:49) looked good.
    I enjoyed the objects fracturing and falling apart; but suspect there were no collision controls between the 'bits'. If that were possible, then some of those scenes may be even more realistic.
    I sympathise over the long rendering times. Unlike the chaps with real cameras (who can film as much footage as they want), animators have to take care not to needlessly create unwanted frames. I thought this clip was well edited and some effects were excellent.

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    That thing gave me the creeps, so you must have modeled it well.

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