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    I made a short (2 minute) dubstep track the other day and thought id have a go at shooting and editing a video for it. Its nice and dark!....just how i like it!

    Shot on a HV30


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    I prefer your Motown tracks, dumb step isn't really my thing.

    I think the video contains all the modern elements normally found in a video like this. Moody, wobbly and out of focus camera work. Lot's of jarring jump cuts cut to the beat. So I guess it's fit for purpose.

    Next time will you sing me some Otis.

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    Hahahahah....dumb step!.....i like it

    Ive been learning the guitar so havent made any soul tracks recently, got one in the pipeline though so ill post it when its ready

    This footage was just from old videos re-edited, Sleazyjet lost my camcorder charger along with my case so couldnt film for a while. Luckily just got a new one today so im out filming tomorrow!...yipeeeeeeee hahahahh, dont know why i chose that emoticon!

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    Ha ha. I seriously didn't mean to write dumb step, obviously a Freudian slip.

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