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    I hope I'm posting this in the right place and have all the correct information below (if not please shout):

    We have raw footage from our indian wedding and reception that we'd like edited (our videographer was unable to finish the job unfortunately) into a wedding video.

    We have a total of 5 hours video shot over 2 days in HD and we'd like 2 edited films (one for each event, on Blu Ray) as well as a short trailer combining both events which is 5-10 minutes long (on Blu Ray and suitable for the web).

    All of the edited films should be edited in a contemporary style and we'd also like music tracks on the video at various points and the option to turn music off altogether and listen to the recorded sound.

    Rough budget is 450 and this is simply because this is the amount that was outstanding with the videographer.

    You must be based in London (East London would be ideal) and we'd like to see examples of videos that you've edited. We got married in September so this would need to be done asap!

    Any questions please shout.


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    This should be a reasonable little edit for someone.
    Just wondering why your original video guy didn't finish the job, and why the editor needs to be London based?

    Any editor with the skills required will be able to produce to your direction, but not in a reasonable timescale if there is constant interruptions and directed re-edits. Hope you find a suitable editor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Just wondering why your original video guy didn't finish the job, and why the editor needs to be London based?
    Well he went AWOL for a couple of months and then when I finally got hold of him and he said he had family issues. You can imagine the (wifes) panic when I couldn't get hold of him...wasn't pleasant. That's the only reason I want someone local to be honest.

    I hope I find someone soon too or I may not need a wedding video soon lol

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    Hi there. I'd be interested in the job but there's a catch! I'm a very capable editor but haven't had any experience with weddings yet, which is something I do want to get into. I'd be willing to take this on at a reduced rate. Your call if you'd rather someone with wedding experience but if you're interested you can get in touch with me at

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