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Thread: Youtube video maker looking to have better video editting program

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    Default Youtube video maker looking to have better video editting program

    Hi there,
    I make youtube vlogs and short funny skits like channels like Jenna Marbles or nigahiga. My channel is if you want a look.

    I have been doing this for about 2 + years now and have used Windows movie maker the entire time. Ive looked into other free ones but they dont look nice. I am a master of windows movie maker because of its simplicity but Id like to expand into better programs that have special effects or just more features. I spend most of my time just putting together footage and trimming out unnecessary parts which takes forever on movie maker.
    My budget: under $100
    I want: simplicity. I dont want to spend too much time learning too many features or for it to be too complicated.
    System: Windows. Don't have Mac so unfortunately iMovie is out of the question :( [It looked kind of complicated and different from movie maker. Spent about 20 minutes trying to figure it out at the library but couldn't despite people saying it was simple ]

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    I think there is only really two choices, premier elements or Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I believe you can down load trial versions which would help you to make up your mind which suites you better. I use Sony Vegas and found it very intuitive. There is an interactive tutorial which will help to introduce you to the interface. Although it's very simple to use it is also very feature rich.

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    Thanks. Are those the simplest ones that still give good quality of options? I checked the prices and I would be willing to do that but I want to make sure there is nothing in the market just as good and just as simple to learn but cheaper. edit: I read this review and it only got 2.5/5 stars: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Review & Rating |
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    Quote Originally Posted by peel View Post
    I read this review and it only got 2.5/5 stars: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Review & Rating |
    The problem with "Easy to use" is that different people have different ideas of what is intuitive.
    I find accessing the mnusic I want in the sequence I want and putting the music files where I want a bloody nightmare in Windows Music Player, but clearly loads of people find it intuitive.
    When i first used Vegas (coming from Pinnacle Studio - one of the simplest user interfaces there is) I found it highly intuitive.
    I find the Adobe interface counter-intuitive, yet many find the opposite.

    The reviewer here seems mainly to be criticising the amount of "pro" stuff within the interface.
    If you're the type of person who just wants to click around the interface and work out what does what, I agree this can be confusing.
    If, on the other hand, you're the type of person who will learn the product by going through the interactive tutorials, you won't touch these other functions (until you need them) so they won't confuse.

    You don't know until you try it.

    Why complain about organising your assets in Media Bins? It's a perfectly good way of keeping track of what media you have.
    Why moan that there is a function to "quantize to frames" - if you don't know what it does (yet) leave alone. if you're interested, read help. If it's never visible to you (as it appears this reviewer would prefer) you will never know that you can sync up audio more precisely than 1/25th (or 1/30th) second.
    Why put 20 the 20 track limitation as a "con"? On the one hand the reviewer wants everything kept as simple as possible - how many "simple" projects contain more tha 20 tracks?
    Why complain about no "Picture in Picture" presets. What are the chances that a PiP preset matches what you want?

    In my opinion, Vegas makes it extremely easy to learn how to do things with it. What it does not do is provide "click here" options for a set of pre determined solutions.

    I am not suggesting that the latter is worse or any less valid, simply I prefer the understand what's going on rather than click a button and get some wizard to do it for me.
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    Thanks that helps. I am a novice and your post was very clear to me that this review on the product was nitpicky on only the advanced stuff I will never touch

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    As s Vegas Movie-studio user, I was surprised by that review - it's seems bizzare to complain that a consumer (and cheap) Editor is slated for not having 4K support - er, who has 4K tv - - - I'm still waiting for HD broadcast....(set has SD tuner).

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