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Thread: How ace is this :)

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    Default How ace is this :)

    I found this on Vimeo and wanted to share it with you guys. I think it's a great little film.

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    aw beautiful

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    Hi MB
    Thanks for posting that video it touched me ... 3 min 40 in I was hooked then 4.50 on wards a lump in my throat ... not to big to admit it.


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    Hi Bob glad to see you still visit us from time to time. I know this video doesn't appeal to everyone, just us guys with a heat still beating.

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    WOW!!! Beautiful!! And how true this story can be....

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    Hey what are you still doing up MB .... do you know what time it is you must be nuts !!
    Anyway its o.k for me to be up this late because I have permission ... Does Mrs M know about this ... !!

    Yes I haven't been back for a while time flies .. scary but I will always pop back and always keep in touch with you guys !!! I have already been over to Tim's house (profile) page to see whats new and commented on his new raft video !!

    I need to watch the following of yours...

    My new Garden Water FeatureBlue tit
    Real Athleticism
    4 Season Garden Watch

    I will always keep in touch with you guys ... indebted

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