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Thread: discussion regarding video super-imposed editing

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    Default discussion regarding video super-imposed editing

    hello guy, i just want discuss with you guy regarding 1 video in the youtube

    here is the link

    here we go,

    i just want to discuss weather this video is originally record or only green backgroud editing

    if yes, why and what is the reason , and if not what is the reason

    u can print screen the any part of video if u want to show any proof, its up to you, you proof may refer to sound surounding, lighting, video or perspective angle, which one u want to discribe, its up to you guys

    let discuss,

    thanks and best regards

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    Why does it matter?

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    noothing just discuss for our education, what is ur oppinion?

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    No it's not green screen. The camera movement, lighting and other environmental matches are to good to be green screen.

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    Of course it's not green screen and you know it.
    This is just an attempt to get more "hits" on this by pretending to start a discussion about the video.
    There are over 500 thumbs down (and only 60 thumbs up) for this rubbish video which shows how crap it is.

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    Is this Green screen or green grass ?

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    Ha Ha, what gave it away, was it the plastic flowers ?

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    I am amazed,Midnight. it was so lifelike I had assumed it was all CGI.

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