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Thread: Mini DVD Camcorder VOB/VRO file capture/editing suggestions

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    Default Mini DVD Camcorder VOB/VRO file capture/editing suggestions

    I've recently bought a Sony DCR DVD 403RHandycam - recording directly to DVD seemed admirably sensible in terms of quality and data capture. However, the Sony software is basic and doesn't provide for any editing. When I captured DV from my old mini-tape Handycam and edited in Pinnacle Studio, I got sparkling results and it was straight-forward.

    The ethos appears to be that you can format the mini DVD to Video standard, which means that after finalizing the disk, it can be played in any domestic DVD machine, with the video as shot - i.e., un-edited. Or, one can format the mini-DVD to VR standard, and this provides a range of editing options whilst the DVD is in the camera. VR format is incompatible with most of the current DVD players, and converting back to Video format (.VOB files) is needed. Converting file standards is fine but degradation of the target data is always likely.

    So what do you do? Please humour me if I'm telling granny how to suck eggs, but I've messed around for a couple of weeks trying to work the process out and get to grips with the various file standards and my findings may help others.

    I downloaded numerous video editors, but most of them failed to interpret the scenes / individual shots. Or they had no means of importing DVD video / VR movies.

    The one that has worked form me is Ulead VideoStudio 9. It has interfaces for conventional DV capture, Video files (MPEG2), and importantly DVD videos in either Video of VR format. You can download a full version of this editor for 30 days free trial.

    The upshot is, one can record in VR format on the DVD Camcorder, import the video, and add sound and effects in the same way that can be achieved with Pinnacle Studio.

    Hope this might be useful to anyone who is just starting off with a Mini-DVD Camcorder.


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    Default Newbe to the group with DVD 403

    I had just purchased the Sony dcr dvd403 and I like the video and how easy it is to work. I now need to figure out how to edit the video I created.
    what I have is a P4 3.2 gig. 1 gig ram 128 meg video 140 gig HD. XP pro. I think for what I want to do is ok.

    I tried to take the video from the Camcorder (just copied the DVD files that were formated as -rw and finalized to the Hard drive) and import them using Power Director 3.0 that I have had for awhile and works ok for me. But the issue is the video that I recorded in wide screen doesn't seem to be widescreen in the preview window, ervery thing is squeezed. I can directly play these files using Nero Movie player and infact it displays in widescreen. I had also taken the mini disk directly to my DVD player hooked up to my TV and it plays perfectly. Am I doing something wrong ? good possibility but that is why we have forums like this to keep us from pulling what hair left we have out.

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    Default Newbe to the group with DVD 403

    I don't know the software you are using but check the settings to see if there is a 4:3 and 16:9 settings for the preview monitor to see if that will 'stretch' your video.

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    I have tried Nero vision and also Ulead version 9 ..but to no avail. Yes I had checked that it was set for 16:9. but still plays back at 4:3. I put the original disk in and it plays at 16:9 but when I try to edit using the two programs both display as 4:3

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    You need a way of flagging the footage as widescreen so that when it#'s played back the pixels are stretched back out. Have you got as far as burning the DVD and poping it in a player after setting to 16:9?
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    I don't have Video Studio 9, but on version 8 you could check the project files by,

    1. File > Project Properties

    2. Click the Edit Button

    3. Click the General Tab

    4. Set the Display Aspect Ratio to 16:9

    5. Clcik the OK button twice

    6. Continue your project to completion.

    7. Enjoy

    Version 9 should be similar. Hope that helps a little.

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