I'll start by introducing myself, My name is Filip, I run a game developing group of around 10 lovely people.
We are a small indie company that makes horror games, Currently we are in a need of an editor for a trailer.

So I thought.. Hmm, What would be a better place to search for an editor if not here?
That's why I need YOU!

- Not a 100% possibility of payment

Now you might ask " Why should I take this job if its not a 100% possibility of payment?! "... Well keep reading!

Benefits for you are as following.

- Working Experience
- Get your name out there, Get more known
- Experience in working with an indie company
- Lots and lots of fun
- Be part of an amazing story

And even if you dont get paid in the end, what do you got to lose?! NOTHING!

This game is an RPG Maker VX Ace game. ( Pixel Horror )

If you are interested please add me on skype in the following name: FilipGone1337

Oh and if you add me on skype, please submitt atleast one video that you edited.

Kind Regards ~