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Thread: replace sensor?

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    Default replace sensor?

    HI, techheads,
    just seen that Aptina have released an 'off the shelf' 4k sensor.
    does anyone know how feasible it is to replace the existing sensor in a camera with a superior one (not
    necessarily a 4k one)
    my (old) camera will only shoot 240p on 16:9 which is not really enough for what i do i would want to have at least 480
    anyone have knowledge of these sort of diy issues?

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    I know little of such things and have not before heard of anyone updating their sensors. I suspect the camera may contain electronics other than just the sensor which might need changing. And perhaps any embedded software on the camera's hardware which deals with the image storage.

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    Why does it say Windows Movie Maker on my post? I've never been so embarassed in my life! Don't even have aPC.
    What is a junior member?

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    Until you have done enough posts, I think 10, you are a junior member and have the designation of WMM. Once you have gone over 10 posts this will change automatically.

    I agree with Tim, if you upgrade the sensor on a camera like yours, it won't be compatible with the rest of the camera.

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    What's the cost of this sensor upgrade, fitted= 2k perhaps?

    Then as others have hinted, you'll need new internal gubbins and a new Editor, New Monitor and somewhere to show this super HD content...all-in probably nearer 10k. (internal gubbings includes the Lens, which was designed for a lesser-sensor).

    Can't help thinking OP should go out and for less money; buy a selection of kit, - inc. camcorder, and/or DSLR and a couple of lenses . . . . that will do just fine for the next 10years . . . or am I misreading the whole first post?
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