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    Has anyone come across .ogg or .ogv / theora for html5 yet? I've been researching transcoding software to create these file types and have not been able to find a nice well rounded one which produces both ogg and ogv with the ability to alter the core settings like size and bitrate. It's usually one or the other, anyone else had a go?

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    Are you talking about the audio codec or is this something new ? If so, the only thing I know about it is that it's used for high end music files.

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    .ogg evolved from an audio codec and is now used to embed video into HTML5. It was a new one on me until a few days ago when a web client requested it.
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    My understanding is that video in HTML 5 is still slightly problematic across browsers,and there are currently 3 codecs which span across all browsers, .ogg, web m and HTML 5 mp4. I work for a video platform and for each video we have to store 3 different codecs as a fall back depending on the browser it is being accessed on. I've used a video converter called Total Video Converter Pro from etinysoft. It seemed to do the trick.


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