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    Hi everyone,
    Here is a visual piece that i recently worked on.

    Hope you guys like it. Do let me know your thoughts.

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    This shows a lot more animation skill than I'll ever have. I can't say it's my kind of thing but I appreciate the work gone into it.

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    Thanks for your comments Midnight Blue
    I was hoping its not too crazy and weird for some section of the audience.

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    I'm sure it's just right for the target audience.

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    That's bonkers, and I know plenty of bands and DJ's that would love that stuff for their backdrop projections.

    Amazing how you related it all to the music, that must have taken hours, and been very draining on the imagination.

    I would love to know which programs this was done with, I am trying something similar in Vegas using real footage, and it's a real uphill job.

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    Thanks Stripe.
    Yes i have to admit, it became quite tiring as we came to the end of it, but it was as much fun too. It took me about a month to complete this thing from idea to final execution.
    I used After Effects and Cinema 4D to produce this thing.

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    Not really my thing either, but having read MB and Stripe's comments, I thought I'd take another look.
    Stripe is bang on the buttorn about fitting it to the music.
    Superb job.

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    I also enyoyed it.
    Comment: Whether or not it was used, standard AE contains 2 useful functions. These can interpret the waveform of the audio to create (loudness) values for each frame, and then use those values to drive other effects. This makes it easier for users to experiment with automated sound reacting effects, and can reduce (remove) the need to manually create keyframes for each beat of the music. However, without 3rd party plugins, standard AE's effects make it less easy to create keyframes based on the harmonic content; e.g do something when only the Bass sounds.

    Whether automated or not, an issue arises of duration of such effects. If used (as described by Stripe) as a background at a gig; then it is probably good to have long sequences of it. But watching/hearing it on YT could get boring for some viewers. I think Arteology sensibly reduces this outcome by his creation of a 2nd section (the springy worm things). Whether by design or luck, I think the worms did well to capture the drama of mounting tensions in the music.

    I thought the clip showed alot of work and care. And it looked nice. Perhaps a subdued ingredient is the story or plot. Whilst I enjoy abstract visuals, I might have enjoyed more attention to more of the 'sounds' in the audio; e.g.the piercing tone ['A'] around 01:57.

    I look forward to seeing the next one.

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