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Thread: Hollow Point - Teaser Trailer

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    Default Hollow Point - Teaser Trailer

    This is a teaser trailer for a machinima project i've been working on since November. Do to start releasing episodes on my site in July.


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    Your opening title and logo were stunning, powerful and convincing. It looked as good as any professional video to me. Iím not a gaming lover, though, so the second part didnít hit me in the guts quite as much.

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    Very nice. My only comment would be that the titles seem to jump out a bit when cut to the video.

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    Yes Marc I noticed that after the video started wearing in. In hind sight I think I should of made the white text come alive more by making it appear and move in towards the camera.

    Ah yes tone, one of the particular challenges with machinima is capturing the audience and getting them into the story and telling it well enough so that they ignore the things you dont get and appreciate what they do get. It was done with a console game which allows for no manual design. Though I am working on and doing modeling and mapping for a movie using the engine of a game for the PC.

    Other things you will see from Hollow Films (mostly shorts) are live-action, stopmotion and 3D animation.

    Thanks for the replies!

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