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Thread: .mov video plays correctly only in WMP

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    Default .mov video plays correctly only in WMP

    Hi all,

    I've recorded a video using a digital camcorder, but am now struggling to play the file. It's a .mov file, but when I try to play the file in Quicktime, whilst the audio is fine, the video jumps around and has occasional green frames. The file has the same problem in VLC, and in Adobe Elements. But when I play the file in Windows Media Player, it's completely fine.

    Any ideas on how I might fix the problem? Would converting the file to a different format fix it, or would it just preserve the problem? Obviously the file itself must in some sense be fine, since it plays ok in WMP.

    The eventual goal is to edit the file in Adobe Elements and upload it to the web, if it matters. Unfortunately, I don't know the make of the recorder (I *might* be able to find out if it's crucial). File info follows below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Mediainfo version="0.7.62">
    <track type="General">
    <Complete_name>C:\Documents and Settings\Igloo\Desktop\Clip</Complete_name>
    <Codec_ID>qt </Codec_ID>
    <File_size>922 MiB</File_size>
    <Duration>25mn 20s</Duration>
    <Overall_bit_rate>5 089 Kbps</Overall_bit_rate>
    <Encoded_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:13:08</Encoded_date>
    <Tagged_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:14:22</Tagged_date>
    <Writing_library>Apple QuickTime</Writing_library>

    <track type="Video">
    <Format_Info>Advanced Video Codec</Format_Info>
    <Format_settings__ReFrames>2 frames</Format_settings__ReFrames>
    <Format_settings__GOP>M=3, N=12</Format_settings__GOP>
    <Codec_ID_Info>Advanced Video Coding</Codec_ID_Info>
    <Duration>25mn 20s</Duration>
    <Bit_rate>4 959 Kbps</Bit_rate>
    <Maximum_bit_rate>12.0 Mbps</Maximum_bit_rate>
    <Width>1 440 pixels</Width>
    <Height>1 080 pixels</Height>
    <Frame_rate>25.000 fps</Frame_rate>
    <Bit_depth>8 bits</Bit_depth>
    <Scan_order>Top Field First</Scan_order>
    <Stream_size>899 MiB (97%)</Stream_size>
    <Title>Core Media Video</Title>
    <Encoded_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:13:08</Encoded_date>
    <Tagged_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:14:22</Tagged_date>

    <track type="Audio">
    <Format_Info>Advanced Audio Codec</Format_Info>
    <Duration>25mn 20s</Duration>
    <Source_duration>25mn 20s</Source_duration>
    <Bit_rate>128 Kbps</Bit_rate>
    <Channel_s_>2 channels</Channel_s_>
    <Channel_positions>Front: L R</Channel_positions>
    <Sampling_rate>48.0 KHz</Sampling_rate>
    <Stream_size>22.8 MiB (2%)</Stream_size>
    <Source_stream_size>22.8 MiB (2%)</Source_stream_size>
    <Title>Core Media Audio</Title>
    <Encoded_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:13:08</Encoded_date>
    <Tagged_date>UTC 2013-04-18 13:14:22</Tagged_date>


    Many thanks for any help,

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    I have no idea why this might be, it's a quick time formate so should play in quick time ok. Do you have the latest version of QT player ?

    I guess the important thing is, can you edit the file in elements ok ? If so then leave it as it is and make the movie in elements.

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    WMP has a skipframes/sync setting in options. Maybe WMP is overcoming the problem and your file is actually corrupt? Turn the option off in WMP and see if you get the same green frames etc.

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    Thanks both.

    Midnight blue: I have the latest version of Quicktime, and sadly the file doesn't play properly in Elements either.

    Stripe: That's a good idea: I'll check when I get home from work. But the video doesn't look choppy in WMP, which makes me guess that it's not simply skipping over the problematic frames, but instead playing them fine. But I'll check later.

    To add to my puzzlement, I've now tried the same video on a friend's Mac, and Quicktime on his Mac plays the file just fine. Any suggestions as to why the most recent Windows version of QT would struggle with the file but the Mac version of QT be ok?

    Thanks again!


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