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Thread: Hollywood's Greatest Dance Sequence!

  1. Default we can Dance - Tribute to Hollywood Movie Dance Scenes

    Check out this fun and exciting video dance compilation video set to the Safety Dance.

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    Blimey how many movies did you use to make that?

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    You are in copyright hell, and could be completely wasting your time.

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    The video is made for mine and others enjoyment so it's definitely not a waste of time.
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    We can only assume you're asking for feedback and feedback was duly given. The comment's fair - Vimeo make it clear when you upload that they don't want you to upload copyright content, so it could be flagged and deleted.

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    Why did you post it on Vimeo and promote if here? We can only assume you want people to view your video - and ultimately that effort could be wasted if it's deleted. I you had fun making it, that's great.

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    Check out the video, if your a movie person I think you'll get a kick out of it!
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