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Thread: Real Life Overediting by dgb1tch

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    Leave some feedback

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    ***feedback mercifully censored by the feedbacker***

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    I preferred it to you gaming footage videos. The repetition of the same transition all the way through along with the monotonous beat was too hypnotic for me to really enjoy.

    It does leave me wondering what life looks like through your eyes.

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    IMHO, it could be alot better. I suspect you found yourself with insufficient shots, so had to extend or repeat some, and keep some of the useless ones (like the the big black nothing around 0:17). The credits at the end are unreadable and therefore unhelpful.
    The transitions are not my taste, but I thought they enhanced many qualities of the music. I think some of the shots looked suitable nihilist, but I would have prefered more locations.

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    Ok, thanks alot for the constructive feedback, I'll search for some better locations and try to figure some new transitions out for my next real life video..

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    It's a great style, I liked it. Worth taking further.

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    The bouncing shots are very stimulating and captivating.

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